Resolve Conflicts With The Help Of A Successful Workplace Mediation Process

What is workplace mediation? 

Mediation is a process of intervention to resolve settlements with a confidential and voluntary discussion between parties involved in the conflict. The purpose of workplace mediation is to settle the skirmishes and disputes by the parties themselves. The mediator negotiates with parties to resolve the variances and worked as a third party. At your workplace, many disputes and conflicts occur, there is a need to resolve them calmly and the mediator team help you to solve the disputes by themselves. 

Principles of workplace mediation: 

To make the mediation successful it must be essential to have some rules and regulations for both the parties. Here are some important principals of workplace mediation are: 

  • Voluntariness: voluntary of both the participants is necessary and they are allowed to leave the session any time and can join another settlement option.  
  • Fairness: The mediator treats both parties equally; he does not decide in favour of one side. 
  • Secrecy: The discussion and agreements endure the secret and confidentiality of both parties. 

Process of Workplace mediation: 

The mediation process is fruitful if you adopt as early as possible when conflict occurs. Here are some steps or phases of this process followed by mediator: 

  • First Phase 

In the first step, the mediator meets with both parties separately, listens carefully about all the matter. He confirms the voluntary assurance of the parties; he tries to know the reason for conflict and about the expectations of both parties. 

  • Second phase

In this phase, he gets all to examine the conflicts and provide all suitable settlements of conflict. He treats both the parties equally and tells all possible ways to resolve the conflict with each party. 

  • Third phase 

This phase mediator arranges a meeting for both parties jointly and assists them to resolve their issues, misunderstandings and battles. He gives a safe place for communication according to the need and interests of each other. Both parties follow the rules that are set by the mediator. 

  • Fourth phase

This phase private meetings are arranged for each party for clarification and queries. 

  • Fifth phase 

This phase mediated agreement is prepared if both the parties are agreed, the agreement is created by parties themselves as well as signed by them and remains secret unless they want. 

Feedback of Workplace mediation

Workplace mediation in Newcastle has great importance to resolve the disputes and issues between the parties. It is the cheapest, faster and latest way of conflict resolution. It is beneficial to handle future disputes in the workplace effectively and successfully. Parties after resolving the issues again gain the respect and dignity for each other. Workplace mediation provides a safe environment as well as it leads to a long-term relationship between the participants. Human Kapital is providing a safe and better environment for parties involved in the conflict to resolve their disputes efficiently and positively. They care about your voluntary and confidential agreements fairly.